Creating a Pop-up

Creating a Pop-up

Recently, I completed my first ever pop-up event at Bird and Blend Tea, in Manchester. It was my first ever in person event, so I had to create displays, signage and packaging for my products.


Caption: me all set up at Bird and Blend.

To keep costs down, I printed out my signs on glossy photo paper, and bought blank sticker sheets so I could print whatever I needed for my packaging. I also made belly bands for my cards, which were printed and stamped.

For the displays, I bought MDF from B&Q and got them to cut it to size for me. I then drilled holes in for my shelves. To create the shelves, I got pre-made L shaped wood and dowels, then painted them to match my sign. I made the feet out of spare wood, with help from friends. I then used crates for the rest of my products.


Caption: a series of photos, showing the process of creating my displays, from wood to final design.

The final part of making my stall was making a sign, I knew I wanted to make 3D letters, so I printed out my logo and made it from card, lots of gluing, papier-mâché and paint later, I fixed it to some foam board to compile it all together.


Caption: Creating my Abi Prints logo as a sign, from sheets of card, to 3D letters.

Of course, as with everything there are things I want to change for next time, for example, I would bring my iPad for newsletter sign ups, make longer shelves to display more than one print and fix my biggest blunder, of not getting my card machine set up in time, luckily on the day, everyone was so understanding, doing bank transfers or PayPal. 

I had such a good day and I want to thank everyone who came on the day and who helped me make everything, if you are thinking about doing an in person event, go for it! 

If you missed this pop-up, you can find me at Liverpool Print Fair on Saturday 5th November. I hope to see you there ✨

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