Helter-Skelter, June's Free Wallpaper.

Helter-Skelter, June's Free Wallpaper.

Doesn't it feel like Summer is in the air right now? My local park has become so green and lush all of a sudden and it's staying light so much later, I love it.

At the end of this month I'm going back to Glastonbury Festival, which was the inspiration behind my original Helter-Skelter print, so how could this not be June's wallpaper? 

 A white and red helter-skelter with a brown slide, surrounded by festival goers, taken at Glastonbury 2019

To download the desktop background click here.

For the the phone background click here.

Blue Iphone 13 on a bright blue background, on the phone screen we see a helter-skelter background which is blue, pink and purple

If you like this wallpaper you should check out my risograph print here. It's printed in a fluorescent pink and aqua blue and the colours really pop off the paper, making it a perfect print for these longer Summer days.


I hope you are having a great June and maybe even find a helter-skelter to go on this month!

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