screenprint concertina carousel card and the same card next to it transformed into a carousel model, with a plain red background

Turning your Carousel Card into a Model

Card are great fun, but after a while we have to put them in a draw or even recycle them, so I created a card with the potential to be turned into a model so it becomes it's own unique gift.

Here is a step by step on how to turn your concertina card into a little model you can keep. You can watch this video or follow the simple instructions and picture below. If you do get stuck drop me an email and I can help you out!

Step 1: Draw tabs on the right side of each roof top and the very right edge of the model.

 carousel card with tabs drawn on ready to cut, lay flat on a blue background

Step 2: Cut your card around these tabs.

 Carousel Card cut into model net with glue-able tabs, lay flat on a blue backdrop

Step 3: Fold all of your new tabs and along the bottom of the roof.

 Carousel card with each edge and tab folded ready to glue, on a blur backdrop

Step 4: Glue your card together and enjoy your new model!

 Carousel Model Spinning Gif on a Blue Backdrop

Top Tip: If you want to get your new model spinning like the gif above, grab a coin, some blue-tac and a pencil you can make a little stand to spin your model on!

make shift card spinning stand from a pencil, coin and bluetac on a red backdrop

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