Launching Free Monthly Wallpapers, May is Rainbows.

Launching Free Monthly Wallpapers, May is Rainbows.

You deserve more rainbows.

At Abi Prints, I'm launching a new monthly desktop and mobile wallpaper, free for you to download.

free Rainbow Wallpaper preview

For the desktop background click here.

For the phone background click here.

women's hand holding three rainbow cards, a yellow, pink and orange rainbow with an orange envelope, a purple, pink and blue rainbow with a purple envelope and a green and yellow rainbow with a green envelope

Based on my popular Rainbow Risograph cards, to brighten up your Spring, this May we have rainbows! I love how this turned out and currently have it on my phone, I also think this could be cool wrapping paper, what do you think?

women's hand holding a mobile phone, showing the rainbow wallpaper which is free to download.

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